Expert Advice

Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG) provides advice on economic and business issues facing nuclear power projects, with a focus on the interaction between nuclear power and the electricity industry.

Insightful analyses of nuclear project economics are needed to:

• Evaluate new nuclear project business models and financing approaches
• Structure nuclear projects, PPAs and related arrangements
• Support positions in nuclear industry legal and regulatory disputes
• Review government and regulator decisions about nuclear power projects
• Develop and implement effective nuclear industry strategies

NECG Capabilities

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#4 – Nuclear lessons from Vermont Yankee closure

#4 - Nuclear lessons from Vermont Yankee closure

The Vermont Yankee nuclear power station closed permanently on 29 Dec 2014. The closure of this well-maintained nuclear power plant with decades of remaining life was entirely due to the difficult economics of operating in a U.S. electricity market. The U.S. experience with nuclear power plants in […]

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#3 – Nuclear Base Load

#3 - Nuclear Base Load

Nuclear power plants are base load generators – due to economics. NECG Commentary #3 explains base load generation, the economic reasons that nuclear power plants operate in base load mode, and the capability of nuclear power plants to operate flexibly. Base Load The electricity industry dispatches power […]

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#2 – Nuclear Power & Short-Run Marginal Cost

#2 - Nuclear Power & Short-Run Marginal Cost

Short-Run Marginal Cost (SRMC) is an important factor in electricity markets. Bids into these markets are based on the SRMC of generators participating in the market. Bids are accepted, starting with the lowest bids, until bids accepted equal demand. All bidders are paid the System Marginal Price […]

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#1 – Nuclear Power Plants – Long-Term Assets in a Short-Term World

#1 - Nuclear Power Plants - Long-Term Assets in a Short-Term World

It takes up to 10 years to develop and build a new nuclear power plant that will then operate for 60 years or longer. Electricity markets and financial markets do not easily accommodate these long-term nuclear power plant assets. Nuclear power plant value is based on the […]

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